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De King of de Dancehall Performance in Bermuda [VIDEO]

Categories // Cup Match

De King of de Dancehall Performance in Bermuda [VIDEO]

Ay buh!

So we know she's been a lotta chatter about de Zika virus in Bermuda wif King Beeniemon's announcement a few days ago pon instagram, but if you was there, you wouldn't even have known that he may've been sick.

A champion entertainer and rightfully title the "King of the Dancehall" whether he was sick or not, Beeniemon came Bermy and gave his all. Singing ah catalouge of songs that span over 20 years of dancehall, King Beeniemon is a true entertainer on the stage and an even more humbled one off stage. Get better soon king!

You can check his performance right here on Bermemes