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De Odda Side of Cupmatch

Categories // Cup Match

De Odda Side of Cupmatch

Ay buh!
Before we lot een get started, we just wanna give ah rahn ov applause for any bie that’s been working from Wensdee straight shru de holidee. No matter how big or small ya role been during the Cupmatch 2016 holiday… we lot salute you

See na… many in Bermy may overlook this fact while the’re out there enjoying de vibes, food, and music as they are now in recovery mode, but if you was one of dem persons working over Cupmatch, this one is for you.

As we write this, sore, tired, and all while doing numerous jobs on 0.3 anna haff hours of sleep in result from all de coverage we’ve done since last week Tuesdee - exaggeration - de whole team has a new level of respect for those that make the holiday the historical day that it is.

Since Bermemes came into existence in Berms, we’ve done some coverage over holidays and “cultural” events, but this year was officially de first time we were a part of the many staffs that make up Cupmatch for what it is on the working side. And let’s just say, it’s not for de weak of heart, pigeon chests or weak knees! Cupmatch is def a marathon!

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What many see as just “two days” have been many months in planning, preparation and then executing on wha’s probably de two HOTTEST and LONGEST days of summer in Bermy - we still caunt comprehend how de players do it or even de umpires wif their long sleeve attire - Because even in de shade, a fan blowing next to you, and a limacol remedy, the heat is brutal.

So for those movers and shakers that may’ve missed the game action to keep the vibes flowing, and people safe during all the wufflessness, you guys get NUFF RESPECT!