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10 Tips From Soca Junkies For Bermuda Heroes Weekend

Categories // Community & kulcha

10 Tips From Soca Junkies For Bermuda Heroes Weekend

Ay buh!
As de soca junkies from St George’s to Dockyard are about to unite as one massive fete’n crowd, we biez thought it was de perfect time to come up wif a list of Bermuda Carnival tips that ca make ya holiday weekend easier to recover from. We hit up a few bands and alla de soca junkies pon de whatsapp and hurr’s wha dey answered wif that will keep you winning wifout having a limp, blisters and new corns post Carnival

1. Know (learn) How to wine
Now ya here at de fete, tune playing and some Bie/acegurl (ya she don’t matta at de fete) pulls up on ya romper, wha ya gon do? You better loosen dem hips and feel de riddim. Even if you gotta hit de “safe-mode” and two step bounce de wine

2. Join ah mas band
Plain and simple, you ank gon have as much fun from de sidelines in a mug tee. Som linkm up wif a band our come link up wif us and de Party People / Offlevel massive!

3. Plan Way Ahead
She’s shree types of plans you need buh.

One - If you live too far from de fete, make sure ya gotta change of clothes at a bredrins or family’s yard to crash or get a quick fresh.
Two - Make sure you got trans. Don’t matta if ya de DD or need trans - don’t get stranded don
Shree - Make a prearranged meeting spot wif ya friends who get lost in de crowd. So you gotta have a...

4. Bumba Buddy (Buddies)

This right hurr is ya soldier mon(s). Your super wingman(s), ya fete or die person(s) at arms cuz If ya really gon try to stick it de whole Bermuda Carnival Weekend ya gon need a Bumpa Buddy. Someone to lean on while ya haff sleep chippin’ or even dat trustworthy bie dat says nah mon ya had to much swizzle - we all need dem

5 Stay Hydrated
Ank nowun tryna romp wif a slouch and fete wif any bie dat’s slumped on de truck. Also...

6. Sleep Where and while you Can
Cuz likkak, chippin’ and 80 degree sun gonna burn you out quicker than a Usain record. And she dun’een matta if ya stashed underneath de stage to “rest ya eyes” do what you can where you can as long as you need

7. Ya Soca Attire is a major key
Wear de right shoes! It’s a marathon, not a sprint so make sure ya got de right kicks and get insoles if you need to. Ladies, no heels unless you really tryna be dat bimpert.

Sistrens, she’s okay to rock a fanny pack, wristlet and a waterproof phone case - baby wipes are key. And Bredrins, cargo pants wif pure pockets to carry de dings and also carry de extra Heineken fa de road. If you can’t do that you can always go old school wif ya money in shoes, and, duct tape ya phone to ya body

Pro tip: Pack an extra deodorant for the road

8. Jouver't
Wear clothes you ca get messy! Don’t try be up in de fete in Versace gettin vax at all de paint and wotlessness around you buh. She’s ya fault, so… Bring de Rags! Tie ya hair up if you need to, hold ya rag high and definitely oil up ya self before de paint flies! Baby oil helps get de paint off easier after de party done.

9. She’s No Tourists at Carnival
We chippin, we fete’n, we freeing up! If some random pulls up to ya bumpa, just go wif it. Don’t think about it too much just have fun

Een tho this sha really be #1 - errywun gon’be sweatin, somebody may stand on ya toes, ya side ding may get jealous - get over it - free up and keep fete’n and HAVE FUN!