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14 Dingz You Probably did aas a Bermy Yout

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi 14 Dingz You Probably did aas a Bermy Yout

1. Went rahn de curve to de bakery to get dem WAAAL Cream puffs
cream puffs

2. Tossed your bus pass to ya boy out de back windah of de bus because they didn’t have a ticket to get on

inside bus 

3. Nuff Said
loquats gerri

4. Brought someone ya checking to meet ya mama only for her to tell you that they are “promiscuous”


5. …..and when you find someone new that you like ya mama says, “Ay that’s ya cousin you know.”


6. You wore a school sweater vest because you only had to iron de collah & sleeves

7. Ya mama made you get blanks put on ya shoes or you just stuck thumb tacks in de heels

8. Caught a lizard using crab grass

9. Ya probably hurt ya foot by stepping onna Casaurina tree berry while playing barefooted
Casuarina equisetifolia fruits

10. … or stepped in tar when leaving de beach


11. Ya rode de neighbourhood pedal bike off a dock

12. … and by jumping off a dock, de rocks or de punt, you’ve stung up at least once tryna show off

13. Road rash is like your second skin and mufflah burns is ya second birthmark

14. Ya ate French fries inna paper bag from places like Doc’s rahn Bernahd’s park



ay buh feel free to comment your own and guys wha add them in de next one!