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15 Bermudian Heroes That Inspire We Lot

Categories // Community & kulcha

by @Terri2Kool 15 Bermudian Heroes That Inspire We Lot

Bermuda’s heritage is real rich! While we are influenced by other Caribbean nations, the culture of emigrants and immigrants to our island home; it is always important to remember those historical figures who have helped shaped the heritage that is Bermy’s.

We collected a group of 15 Bermudian heroes that have impacted Bermuda in a major way. The public figures featured on this list have inspired us in someone to remember the purpose of #Bermunity, which is to unite Bermudians locally and abroad to continue be PROUD of where they come from!

(from L - R)

Kenneth Amis was a Conductor who took his music talents from de shores of Bermy to Foreign (the States to be exact) and has been doing big tingz every since!

Dame Lois Browne-Evans was a politician who was Bermuda’s first female barrister in 1953 and was the first black female to be elected to the House of Assembly in Bermuda in 1963.

E. F Gordon (Edgar Fitzgerald Gordon) was a physician, politician and civil activist who was not born in Bermuda but championed the cause of Bermudian workers and fought for equal rights for Black Bermudians.

Edward Richards was a politician who became the 4th black lawyer to practice in Bermuda when he was called to the bar on 31 January 1947.

Shaun Goater is an athlete who has played for Bermuda’s national football team 36 times and scored 32 goals as well as spent time playing for Manchester City and help boost them into the premier team they are now.



(from L - R)

Dame Jennifer Smith is a politician who began her work as a political reporter and editor of the Bermuda Recorder before she became the 1st premier who was not a member of the UBP.

Suzette Harvey is the artistic director of UDP and is the founder of the Bermuda Dance Company which allows Bermudian dancers to tour professionally.

 Johnny Barnes is Bermuda’s Happy Man who unofficially took up the role of greeting commuters from the West and South ends of the island as they make their way into town for work.

 Mary Prince was a slave born in Bermuda, who became the 1st black woman to have her life’s account published in the United Kingdom when her autobiography, The History of Mary Prince was released in 1831.

 Dwayne Leverock, better known as Sluggo is an athlete who played with Bermuda’s national cricket team during the island’s 1st ever One Day International match against Canada in May 2006.


(from L - R)

Heather Nova is a musician who has played over 600 concerts, sold over 2 millions albums and has a career that spans 20 years in the music industry.

 Gary Darrell was an athlete who was signed to the North American Soccer League in 1972 after playing for local football clubs Wellington Rovers and Devonshire Colts.

Lance Hayward was a musician who although blind from infancy managed to learn to play classical piano through formal training and taught himself jazz.

Rocky Thompson was an athlete who was drafted by the New York Giants of the NFL during the 1st round of the 1971 picks as a running back and wide receiver.

Ewart Brown is a politician and physician who became the 1st qualified doctor in 50 years to be turned down for a Bermuda Medical licence in 1974 but ultimately received it in 1988 after which he set up the Bermuda Healthcare Services in 1990.

Remember these 15 amazing people are merely a glimpse at the excellence that exist right here on Bermuda’s shores.

If you wanna suggest a Bermudian hero to feature, shoutout in de comments or hit us on social media! Use #BermyHeroes to submit your feature.