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15 Cupmatch Essentials You Need to Survive it

Categories // Cup Match, Memes

by @Terri2kool 15 Cupmatch Essentials You Need to Survive it

Aye buh! You lot know right now is de BESS time ah de year in Bermuda, right? IT’S CUPMATCH TIME! While we Berms cannot get enough of every holidee that displays we lots kulcha, there is something about Cupmatch that really just does it for we guyz.

Maybe it’s de sense of community as fans cheer for Somasit or St. George’s. Maybe it’s de parties that surround de holidee and de celebrities they bring in. Maybe it’s just de fact that guyz get to sit off and have a cup ah Swizzle, just because! Whatever de reasons, Cupmatch is a great time to visit Bermuda.

Whether ya ah first timer to de game and don’t know what to do at de field or ya ah seasoned Cupmatch vet and ya know de Cupmatch commandments by heart, there are some essentials dingz you need to do to prepare for the AWESOME time you lot are gonna have this summer.

Here are 15 dingz you lots gotta know, do and keep in mind for Cupmatch! Whether Somerset or St. George’s. May de bess team win!