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De Xtreme Sports Games 2017

Categories // Sports

De Xtreme Sports Games 2017

Ay buh

Hopefully by now all de participants have recovered or still kinda feeling thumps from XSG2017. No matter which one it is, we all know it was lots of fun and for a good cause .

This year XSG had twenty teams compete in ten different events except we weren’t able to have de popular Zorb racing cuz de wind was acting real mug. But that didn’t stop de rest of us having a ball. In fact, guys even had de first snowball off de season!

As de day went on guys had over 2,000 people watching de Xtreme Sports games live on whatever social media app they prefer so she was nuff vibes all roun’.

In 2016, we all saw Anchor Investment Management take de top prize to donate to their charity. This year, KPMG claimed it with their $5,000 in winnings going to the Centre Against Abuse.

Check de highlights