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500 Days in Bermuda

Categories // Community & kulcha

A View from from an America’s Cup Visitor 500 Days in Bermuda

Ay buh!

So errywun knows de America’s Cup Tourny is just rahn de corner and many Bermudians are hustling to prepare demselves for it, and also aftah de cup. You have biez from construction workers to pop-up vendors, big biz, medium biz and small businesses are finding their own ways to embrace de island’s visitor - or in this case visitors.

Along doing some Bermemes work, as usual we came across a few foreign plugs. Some are really good, some are trash, but we came across 500 days in Bermuda and just their First Impression, we got a good vibe. Good enough to share wif you lot.

So wha’s all dis hurr 500 Days about don?!

Well, 500 Days in Bermuda is blog from the perspective of Janna Wilkinson, who's partner works wid de America's Cup Event Auuthority (or ACEA) located in Bermmuda. She decided to share about her new life here in Berms in a light hearted way to people who can barely pinpoint us on de map! Sers tho, NZ is 15,000 kilometers away…. We think. (lol)

But ay, from de first impression, she tells her audience,

“I love that it isn’t overly commercialised. No one is hassling you to pay for a beach umbrella or sell you something you really don’t need and won’t use again, and the Bermudian people are lovely and very welcoming. It did take me awhile to get used to saying good morning/afternoon to every person I interact with or simply walk past – but now I think it’s so nice and what a snobby life I must have led before moving here.”

She goes on to tell us much more about her first experiences here, but from de first blog, she gained ah new reader cuz wha def interested in reading more. One ding , she’s always cool to see wha type of vibes Bermuda and Bermudians are giving off to de world as we mmake landmark movements. Wha jus glad that in her own way she’s “feeling de love!”

Check de blog for yaself!