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Ah Haunted History Review

Categories // Memes

By @punkiesk8ta Ah Haunted History Review

It's not every day you hear about something scary happening on the lil island of Bermuda. I mean we all had those stories from when we were lil about Bloody Mary or some old folk tales your mom or older uncles use to tell you to get you to come in early. Well I was intrigued when I was asked to go on a Haunted History tour of St. George's thinking to myself, 'Haunted? What can be so haunting about Bermuda except fear of getting trapped in the so called Bermuda Triangle?

The tour was really interesting. It highlighted an unusual side of Bermuda taking you away from the pristine waters and pink beaches that you see in every brochure. It wasn't what I expected at! Not bragging or anything but to me the tour wasn’t truly scary to me. As a hard-core horror movie lover I did more laughing than anything – but then again that’s just me. I gotta give love to Kristin White for organizing this and I definitely loved the story teller with his peculiar style of sharing Bermuda’s history as we walked the narrow alleys of the eastern olde towne. Don’t worry it wasn’t too dark out yet so you won’t need a flashlight or extra pair of undies (lol) With the interactive experience I learned about the people who lived in these old cottages their names, and names of flowers I'd normally just walk by. I'd definitely encourage any and every one to come out and try something different this summer. Walk the olde town and enjoy the scenery and the entertaining cast. The tour isn’t gory or has any blood which helps because it becomes family friendly.  If this becomes bigger it could possibly open up to the lovers of paranormal and ghost stories making them want to visit Bermuda.

If I had the chance to go again I definitely would. I won’t say much here because I don’t want to spoil it. Just go and enjoy it. Try being a tourist for a change and appreciate that paradise we have at our fingertips

For more info check out the Haunted History Tour website or  call 705-1838 to book your own tour!