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Around De Island Powerboat Race 2017

Categories // Sports

Around De Island Powerboat Race 2017

Ay buh!

Errywun in Berm knows another great ding to look forward to during de summer is d annual round de island race. It dun matta if ya still camping from cupmatch, pon ya boat or standin out in de August heat pon Coney islands..., de round d island is a piece of Bermy kulcha thats been around fa yurrrs.

hurrs our take as we rolled wif Motoravated racing fa de day 

Around the Island Boat Race 2017

A lotta people dunno wha she takes to do dis hurr race, but hurrs a lil look inside. Big up Motorvated Racing for taking de flag!

Posted by Bermuda Memes on Monday, August 14, 2017