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#Back2SchoolBDA Memes

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Team Bermemes #Back2SchoolBDA Memes

Ay buh

Today's de first day fa most schools in Bermy so you know dat means moms crying in de parking lot seeing her bie going off to school glistenin like she's some sort of Baby oil/ vasaline shortage in Bermy while somwone in de background in layin on de horn cuz traffic backed up and gys are already 40 mins late. But you lot know de deal and ah'een think theirs any other country that takes more pride of de youts first day of school - no matter how old they are, 5 or 43, Moms Deddies, Nana's and dem Um only Got Godchildren spectators are proud.

Anywayz hurrs de dings that ended up on de insta or twitter while errwun was stuck iin traffic somwhurr

Leaving 2 hours earlier n dingz #Bermuda #Back2SchoolBDA

A photo posted by Bermemes (@bermeme) on

Me, in de car right now #Bermuda #Back2SchoolBDA #kulcha

A photo posted by Bermemes (@bermeme) on

#Back2SchoolBDA #Bermuda Traffic PSA from @djberniemac

A video posted by Bermemes (@bermeme) on

Cry dropping dem off then #Turnup#Bermuda #Back2SchoolBDA

A video posted by Bermemes (@bermeme) on

but ay keep on de lookout for lil Twitter madness tonight when guys play around wif de #Back2SchoolBDA hashtag