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Bermuda Day 2017 Highlights [VIDEO]

Categories // Community & kulcha

Bermuda Day 2017 Highlights [VIDEO]

Ay buh!

It ank nuffin anywhurr in de world better than Bermuda on Bermuda Day! Dun'een try debate! Take a look back at this year's parade that focused on Bermuda's Sporting Heritage; born and bred heroes of de rock 

Bermuda Day 2017 Highlights

Take us back to Bermuda Day buh! Nuff sun, love, energy an of course ah lil bit of Swizzle! Big big shoutout to Department of Community and Cultural Affairs fa linking up wif us and EVEN MORE RESPECT to all de groups that kept de day lit in all dat durr sunshine! #BermudaDay #BermudaCulture #Bermunity

Posted by Bermuda Memes on Thursday, May 25, 2017