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Bermuda Makes Top 20 "Biggest Booty" list of de Caribbean

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Bermuda Makes Top 20

Ay buh!

Nah usually you'll see Bermy all over de net or magazine's being featured wif ah pristine looking beaches, ah friendly manner and services, or best island of [insert year] to visit, but dis week we just happen to come cross an usual title but wha still proud (lol) 

Now don, we don't know de specifics of this study or if they jut had a group of scientist travel each island to web at de skirts, utilizing some imaginary measurements OR some real study went down and guys didn't'en hear about to de casting call.... ve lot couldve sent Big Bertha from dahn de road  shru. 

De a blog post came from Times Carribbean Online but apparently a survery was conducted by Damajority.com regarding which island had to "biggest bam bam" per capita. Unfortunately damajority.com site seems to be down due to high traffic. Both  blogs have a lot of chatter discussing Bermuda, and to wether we should/shouldn't make the list due to our Caricom association. Either way, out of at least 28 island nations and more than 7,000 indidual  islands in the Caribbean, Bermuda made it to 14 of de top 20 Biggest Bam Bam of de Caribbean list.

Shout out to de Bermy Dings, you lots got it covered buh  

 Check de list:

1. Barbados
2. Dominican Republic / Puerto Rico
3. Haiti
4. Dominica
5. St Lucia
6. Jamaica
7. Antigua / Cuba
8. St Kitts & Nevis / Guyana (Mainland Territory)
9. Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
10. Grenada
11. Trinidad & Tobago
12. Guadeloupe
13. The Bahamas
14. St. Croix / Bermuda
15. Martinique
16. St Maarteen
17. Cayman Islands
18. Turks & Caicos
19. Tortola
20. Anguilla

 image: vaonline