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Bermy Cypher at Bull's Head

Categories // Entertainment

By Flowbewankanobi, Video by Qianemon Bermy Cypher at Bull's Head


Picture dis...
One mic, one system,and Bermy’s youngest, hottest, up-and-coming plus veteran rappers gathered together on de 3rd level of Bull's Head parking lot. De only thing you can hear is the reverb of the beat echoing. This was what it was buh.

Las Satdee, de team got invited to a slight “underground” hip hop event held right hurr on de rock and she was live don. Now we knew a few bies from de ChewStick circuit, but their were also a few youts we never heard of or seen anywhurr and these lot were decent!

We won’t say much cuz we want you experience what Bermy has hiding under de rock for yourself, but when you got a small group coming together for something they love, the force is beyond words. We gave our snapchat audience a lil sneak peek live, but ay if you don’t believe us, check de vid below featuring JTucka, KASE, Kidd Clazzic, Propa, Prof-ac, and more.