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#BERRIGHTS Wins Best of Bermuda Award

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi #BERRIGHTS Wins Best of Bermuda Award

First ding ah like to do is give thanks to Jah Almighty for blessing us with another year online and making many new friends local and from foreign. Guys may sound repetitive but you byes are solely de reason why we do what we do. Most may only think of us as funny pictures, but many close to the team know how much we push for a better Bermuda behind the screen giving exposure of certain social issues. But you know, not arrywun will understand that

“Sometimes you just have to break the rules in order to make change.”

Now, um not saying go into town and run up on some body for a pack of starburst or a milkshake from De Spot, but what I am saying is that sometimes you have to speak up for yourself if you want to be heard… or in this case, if you want to reveal the mind-set that the leaders of this country have.

One of de crisses dings ever since creation of BERMEMES is that we use our platform not to  just crack pure jokes but also to  discuss issues which bother the regular Bermudian and give attention/exposure to  social issues that need to be addressed – The #BERRIGHTS campaign regarding the amendment of the Human Rights Act was one of those issues.

Our mission that day was to bring Bermudians together for a cause that will better Bermuda, as well as its identity from overseas. It was an awesome day online. Several candid discussions and the intimate stories shared through users commenting via website and Twitter trend shed light on the issue and showed the stance of many Bermudians and the way they feel about their home…

… even if the government tried to shut us down

We must all continue to speak out on topics, comments and issues that bother us. With multiple platforms available to share your voice, I advocate that you do. Understand it’s okay to disagree with people (even us) but understand at de end of de day, saying nothing, changes nothing. I know the team here at BERMEMES will continue to push on to see that better path for Bermuda is continually made, even if we have to keep putting these politicians on blast.

With alladat said, thanks for the support again this year, and I can only hope that we win another category next year because you.

– Dejon A . Simons