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Black Girl Magic Photoshoot 2017

Categories // Community & kulcha

Black Girl Magic Photoshoot 2017

Ay buh!

Good causes come in all forms and all are beautiful in their own ways. Today, we biez wunna shurr a beautiful Bermudian cause produced by Kristin White, who herself all sorts of Black Girl Magic.”

Now de photoshoot itself was inspired by the Afropunk Facebook page which featured five beautiful black women wearing bright African attire called “Black Girl Magic.” Not only was de photography appealing but it was also designed to raise funds for a social enterprise in Liberia called The Bombchel Factory. The Bombchel Factory is a clothing line that creates jobs for vulnerable women, and they were raising money to be able to expand their workshop space.


Good idea for a worthy cause right?

After noticing this Kristin shared the Afropunk link to her own Facebook page, asking who wanted to recreate the photography with her. By de tons of response, an idea turned into something beautiful right here in Bermy.


“It was such an amazing day; I knew immediately that I’d want to do it annually. The women who participated gave what they could and my husband and I matched it, so last year we donated $1000 to Bombchel.” - Kristin White

Since last year, the group of women have grown their online community to over 700 women, who every day share uplifting and encouraging posts about black women from across the world.


So far this year, the photoshoot has raised $685 for Centre Against Abuse, if you wish to join de group, message you can contact Kristin White here or donate to Centre Against Abuse directly here

Centre Against Abuse
HSBC 010 284 636 001

All Photos by BNK Images & Video by BermudaConnect production