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Boyle's Stand firm in Red PaintGate

Categories // Memes

By Team BERMEMEs Boyle's Stand firm in Red PaintGate

So yah... guys caught a whiff of Aunt Shirley's lastest gossip and rumor is Boyles are taking it to Digi because apparently Boyles WILL NOT wear nor de desire to see red due to their loyalty to St George's Club in de east end.

We caught up wif Paula Maxine Zuill during our 3hour lunch break and she had quite a lot to say about dem, (and we quote) "Somupset fans" upstairs, but unfortaunately due to de G- rating of de site we cannot share de expletives of mugness she spewed againt dem "Somupset" fans.

No comment from de Somupset fans upstairs but word from Aunt Shirley is dat de CEO of Digi bout to paint de sidewalk red.... 

Eh-ehnnn ... we will keep yu udated as de story unravels


Take a chill pill bie.... remember this is satire. Photo by Quinton Butterfield