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Bredrin Frankie Warns Bermy of Nicole

Categories // Community & kulcha

Bredrin Frankie Warns Bermy of Nicole

Ay buh

Errywun on de rock knows de routine when se comes to storm prep, but over recent yurrs guys have realized she's only a real storm when Frankie drops a youtube buh!

Frankie Macdonald, who has autism, has become a Bermudian love since his first youtube drop about us yurrs back - can't memba' which storm - but since then Some biez have suggested we sha bring ya boy Bermy and flex for a bit.

So yah buh, whether ya watching de shark oil to let you knowshe's timme to go last minute shopping, or boarding dahn de howze to go into hemit mmode  - hurr's Frankie's adwice