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BTA Summit 2015: The Social Session (video)

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by @VATV BTA Summit 2015: The Social Session (video)

Ay buh!

So on Monday, we attended Bermuda Tourism Authority 2015 summit which is basically everyone in Bermuda’s hospitality industry or works closely tied with it. Either way, directly or indirectly, we are all a part of the tourism brand that is Bermuda.

It ank just me, she’s you too don!

A lot was said, and there is only so much we can give you through reading which is why we teamed up with VAtv and did live streaming pon periscope all day (until de batteries died) while others simply tweeted.

We were in attendance to three different work sessions, and below you’ll find the featured video that’s mainly focused on Social Media, and how to utilize in a way that it builds you/ your business better.

Featured Panelists include

Steve Cobb (Co–founder, Hashtag Sports),

Matt Hranek (Conde Nast Traveler Editor & Founder of the The William Brown Project),

JP Lespinasse (Chief Marketing Officer, CÜR Music),

Shiona Turini (Freelance Fashion Editor & Consultant),

and Clifton Webb (Marketing Professional & Social Media Enthusiast).