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De Big Brother Big Sister Challenge

Categories // Community & kulcha

De Big Brother Big Sister Challenge

Ay buh

If you wurnt in town last night at Harbour Nights you missed a good time buh! What started as ah lil charity event for Big Brother Big Sister turned into one criss #Bermunity vibe dat had pure laffs all de way shru de night. Nah... de event called "How much would you Pay to See Me?" is a simple talent/ nontalent great way to raise funds for a good cause. So when we was axed to participate, how could we say no? De event consists of  Local Celebrities being dared to do a certain challenge either picked by themselves or Big Brother Big Sisters demselves. This year you saw grown men in a high heel sprint shru town, Miss Bermuda getting a makeover by kids wif paint, Ashley Estanwik eating a LIVE COCKROACH and even getting the Presidents of Somerset and St George's cricket club tom SWITCH their team colors - that's massive! Errywun knows how big cupmatch is!

Anywayz, Team Bermemes had two dares. One was whurr you saw Qianemon (Vybez Alliance)of Hott !07.5 getting pied by the audience and two, de founder of BERMEMES drinking a fishcake smoothie wif de works (mayo, tomato, etc etc) - my gad bie! You can see ah videos below!