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De Real Housewives of Potomac: "Welcome to de Bermuda Triangle" Episode [VIDEO]

Categories // Entertainment

De Real Housewives of Potomac:

Ay buh!

Ah'know if you lot remrmber late last yurr during de summer de Real Housewives of Potomac wur in Bermy filming ah season 2 episode. They had a few appearences on de island wif de most famous one was being at de Cunny game rahn Bay. Nuffin big, just ah couple of ladies enjoying ah game they know nuffin bout wif Swizzle, some wkd's and some biez tryna chat dem up... you know how summa is...

De Berm episode finally appeared on Sundee pon Bravo, but in case you missed it you can catch it hurr

ignore de "content can't be displayed" and hit de X at de bottom for vid