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De Weatha Girl is a St George's Fan [VIDEO]

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi De Weatha Girl is a St George's Fan [VIDEO]

Ay buh! If you lot ank following us pon twitter hurr’s de deal! You know how Cupmatch trash talk is in full force dis week and #TeamBermemeswas like “Ay don! Why we ank hurrd nuffin or seen de weatha ding in ha Cupmatch press!” and after a few jokes thinking acegirl dun’een know nuffin about Cupmatch we decided to try get a lil love from cros de pond and tweet Llarisa. Long story short I you watched de news tonight you saw de result and power of our social media! Gtta love oir community buh! Check de convo tho!