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Dembiez Spreading Love wif Big Brother, Big Sister on Valentine's Day (Video)

Categories // Entertainment

Dembiez Spreading Love wif Big Brother, Big Sister on Valentine's Day (Video)

Ay buh!

So on Vday while all de last minute biez rushed rahn tahn to find a vday card, buy some flowers or even chocolate,Dembiez created some new waves and more smiles showing a lil love to de ladies shru some songs.

Teaming up with Dembiez (Willard B, Cahlii and Jumar) and Lloyd Holder, Powergirl for Big Brother, Big Sister, created de collaborative campaign to raise donations for de BBBS organization in Bermuda. It’s not de first time Dembiez have shared their talent and voices as dem biez constantly continue to show how many amazing voices and young Bermudian talent de island has to offer.

Asking Powergirl how she felt about de whole experience, she feels that de best part about de whole ding was to see de recipient's reaction to the telegrams. “We had lots of tears, smiles and laughter. It truly warmed my heart. I cried a few times yesterday too!” says Powergirl.

Next time she is in hope to add in ah few female singers. Speaking candidly wif us, she tells how she ended up having to do one of the telegram requested as they asked for a female singer. Seriously seaking tho.... wha just glad Dembiez ank ask WeBiez to join cuz Some Bie woulda prolly called de ambulance thinking we were dying while only tryna sing (lol)

Although Powergirl feels slightly overwhelmed by de the experience, she did not axpect it to be as successful as it was. Wif their highlight vid dat was posted to Dembiez FB, it gained over 300 shares and 13k views in less than a day! Cha!

But ya buh, for us to see this, she feels good to see some people doing some genuine dings in Bermy just to make some people smile. De world needs more of dat durr don!

Check de vibes fa yaself don!