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Dingz Ya Alwayz Gon Deal wif on de First Day of School in Bermy

Categories // Community & kulcha

Dingz Ya Alwayz Gon Deal wif on de First Day of School in Bermy

Ay buh its dat time again

10. Traffic buh
Errywun knows about this one and unless ya getting up at 3am, dressed and ready to leave at 4am, ya gonna be stuck in traffic. Especially if ya coming from de west tryna deal wif de WA super traffic guards.... and dun'een let us get started on Saltus or Somersfield holding up de traffic don... chingas!


9. Ya Parents Prolly Took De Day Off
Not only are they dealin wif de high emotional factaz of de day, they are eeda tryna avoid traffic… or lowkey celebrating getting rid of you

8. You Start to Hate Being in Town after 3:30pm
Do we sahn old?

7. And You also Hate de Rammed Buses
After 3 months of fighting fa a seat wif tourits, ya special spot is now raided by youts


6.De Uniform is Perfection
De only day you’ll ever see bredrin/bredrinettes school uniform completely ironed, pants creased, shoes looking spiffy becuz after de first day (maybe week) she’s just dat dea shrow de shirt in dryer and sweater movement. #Nolie


5. .No, but sers, uniforms.....
Leave home looking crisp, come home like 

3. Fresh Clip, Hair done right up!


2. De Morning Photoshoot

Trust, if you have social media, ya prolly seen a pic of de yout waking out of bed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth in uniform, inside de house in uniform, outside de house in uniform, in de car, outta de car, in front of de school sign, wif a teacher.... ya prolly een some family you didn’t een know then immediately hit up Moms on whatsapp like,”I didnt kno so-and so had a yout.” cuz dats de Bermudian way

1. two words. Greasy Faces

Cuz nuffin starts ya teachers school year off right seeing blinding bright smiling students in a room smelling like baby oil