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#EverybodysBusiness wiff DeVrae Tankard

Categories // Everybodys Business

#EverybodysBusiness wiff DeVrae Tankard

Aye bah, we lot's doing a series wiff de Bermuda Business Development Agency, showcasing young Bermudians dat are doing big dings in International Business.

Wha kickin it off wiff DeVrae Tankard who is an Underwriter at XL Catlin. 

Now, alot a you lot know him from playin football fah Village  cuz his got pure skillz on de field, but did you know...

Ya boy went Howard University on a football scholarship.  At Howard wif de insight of a professor, he found his other skill off de field in Insurance.

Check de video to learn more about DeVrae and how International Business hurr in Bermy gave him some wicked opportunities.