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EXCLUSIVE: C*nts in Punts Boat Race 2015 [Video]

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By @Flowbewankenobi EXCLUSIVE: C*nts in Punts Boat Race 2015 [Video]

Ay Buh!

 I dun’een know whurr to start wif this hurr one but hur gores...

Errwun knows what went down this weekend and  while most of we lot were prepping for de storm, getting every ding ready, a few crazy ass biez from de West End of de island where prepping for what we think is either de dopiest or de most epic race of the year.

So yah,  you know how guys were keeping errwun informed  and a few laffs this weekend, well, Sunday we were add to this whatsapp group called “Hurricane Wah-keeeen” – So um hurr thinking she’s probably just my booys bored, setting up a group for fun while we blow de storm over – nah! Apparently, I had joined a group created by the “Pirates of Manga Bay,” or PAMB as they say telling Bermemes to come shru. Now , hurr we lot are in East, tied down, door locked, trees roped, and chilling until the power goes out only to see an invite to come west.... If you saw de clip on our instagram..... well, oh der

Here’s a video of one of de past races


De Story of “Cunt’s in punts”

What started wif six aceboys, shree punts , a bottle of black and boredom before Hurricane igor has turned into one of de most anticipated races once hearing of storm heading to bermy. PAMB – a group of pirate bredrens -  just wanted to pass de time wiff something different so they grabbed de lightest and most easily flipped punts “Walker bays” add a 2hp engine on it and de race is on! Obviously, all safety equipment and precautions are taken even those these crazy lot are out in storm force winds and waves. So lifejackets and everything are all necessary to enter.

The rules...  There are only two;

  1. You can only fix your engine with a bottle opener
  2. Don’t sink

As de years went by, people in de west end started to noticed these biez in the Mangrove Bay and over the years the crowd as grown. Each team has a pilot, and co-pilot, a boat name, and a bottle opener. The race started wif only 3 punts, but this year saw 10 cunts in 5 punts wif one team coming to mangrove Bay from Spanish point!

Guys are nuts bah! We will definitely watch this one from de dock you biez.

You ca check one angle of this year’s race ONLY HERE, and we will upload the onboard gopro cam a little later

Finish line! :)

Posted by Kim Sheen on Sunday, October 4, 2015

DISCLAIMER: Sandy’s Boat Club had nothing to do with the activities mentioned aboved.