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EXCLUSIVE: Interview wif Senator Jeff Baron

Categories // Community & kulcha

EXCLUSIVE: Interview wif Senator Jeff Baron

Ay buh!

It ank no mystery that de Baron name has been all over Bermy airwaves, pon de morning rag and de talk of de streets.  She's rrywhurr! We lot figured we'd push up an interview we had lined behind a lot of projects wha been working on since it de hot topic ahead of election 2017. So take a min, listen, ask questions or leave ya comments if you need to hear some more, but in dw meantime, hurr's de scoop right from de person and not along d ragline.

check it

Exclusive: Interview wif Jeff Baon

No click bait hurr.... Jus some real talk wif Jeff Baron

Posted by Bermuda Memes on Monday, July 3, 2017