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EXCLUSIVE! Introducing Bermy's New National Sport

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi & @_Jah.meel EXCLUSIVE! Introducing Bermy's New National Sport

Word on de street from Aunt Shirley was dat she heard from Boopsies Cousin Duke that a new bill gon be passed this week but ank no bie calling into Sherrie to tell dem lot all about it.

According to Dukes brother, Duke de 4th, Community, Kulcha & Sports Minister Patrisha Pampin JP MP NBA OG PP DC OBA SEE wishes to add anodda nashnull sport whurr Bermudians have over ah  90% rate while our current national sports are at de all time lowest wif local cricket brawl making intanational news as de hook of de summer” but we ank talking about leg side on Cupmatch. Or leg... at all. Summers done, and hairy leg season approaches.... Anyvayz....

Wha’sde sport ya axkin?

 Well, rumor is from Duke de 4th’s sis in-law, de minister is about todeclare “Rain Watching” as our 3rd National Sport! Cha! Better get dat practice in now, cuz lord knows de Bermudian compahtishin is FIERCE!