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Food For Thought

Categories // Being Gary

Food For Thought

What an enlightening experience this [last week]  has been.


I've heard and read comments from people whom I believed, "didn't think like that". Facades crumbled under the pressure brought on by this contentious issue, have revealed people's true selves.


When I confront, no, approach you about your comments, as I invariably will, please don't offer the "heat of the moment" defence. That's a non-starter.


I don't need a plane to go home". "You good Muhreeno, you married one of us". "We don't mean you Gary, you're different from them."


Just a few of the asinine comments that I've heard over the past few days. Not phased by any of it though, just won't be attending as many barbecues as I did last summer.


Just in case you're wondering, my biggest disappointment this week, is not having cash and finding out that the Pie Factory doesn't accept plastic.