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Infused - A GoPro Summer in Bermuda 2015

Categories // Memes

Fan Submission Infused - A GoPro Summer in Bermuda 2015

Summer is pretty much coming to an end, which is mug buh! Especially with Cupmatch, SVR, Nonmariners, and all those other fun activities we lot like to take part in being a mere thought of de past. Leave it to Giles and his crew to get us ALL excited about Summer vacation once again like school didn’t just start. #sideeye

There are so many dingz guyz are grateful for as PROUD Berms and triangle is NOT one of them! I could run off a laundry list of reasons why Bermuda is so flippin’ well awesome, but I think it would be better if you lot just watched dis here video and see for yourself why Bermuda is truly another world…