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Introducing de Bermudian Dictionary

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi Introducing de Bermudian Dictionary

Ay buh!

She’s been awhile and ve lot have received numerous messages online and offline asking “Whurr is Bermemes?” Don’t worry we guys aren’t going anywhere, but we have been quiet and for good reason.

We know you bies are tired of people asking “What’s that mean?” or where that to?  so for de last few weeks we have been migrating, re-writing and updating tons of Bermudians words and phrases to create an updated version of the Bermudian Dictionary. In fact, we dun’een think the one that’s online has been updated since John Swan was premier, if even.

Never de less, we took the old and built on it and the beauty of it is that the Vurds integrate with the website, allowing you to learn the translation as you read. 

Nawh before anyone starts complaining, bear with us, it’s been a crap load of work and we welcome your help to ANY CORRECTIONS AND SUBMISSIONS of words.

Special thanks to Peter Smith & Fred M. Barrit who wote the original works which we used as reference. Also a special Thanks to Vybez Alliance for motivating we lot to do this and also give thanks to the proof readers - and all the headaches it gave 

This is for all of us, let’s show our kulcha