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@VybezAlliance #LovemyBermuda [Video]

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By @VybezAlliance @VybezAlliance #LovemyBermuda [Video]

Why I #LovemyBermuda @VybezAlliance

A video posted by @vybezalliance on

I remember as a kid, moving to the US whilst my parents attended university and only getting to return to Bermuda during the Summer months.  We lived in Massachusetts for about 5 years and being obsessed with the weather and nature,  I used to look forward to the leaves changing color in October and snowstorms during the winter.

Fast forward, when we moved back to Bermuda, although we're just a dot in the middle of the ocean equivelent to the size of a small town, there was soooo much more to take in!  I love to drive around  with an eye to the sky taking photos of sunsets, strange clouds,  and anything else that captures my eye.

IMG 9881  IMG 9877  IMG 9873 
IMG 9883  IMG 9879  IMG 9872 


Sure, it doesn't snow, but a beach is always walking distance from any location. We take it for granted that we have such an incredible range of natural beauty, right here, and for this I feel blessed to call Bermuda my home.  

With that being said, we’d like to nominate @NikitaBda, @PowergirlTrina and @DJRustyG to create their own vid and tell us ya reasons to #lovemybermuda.


Anyone can make a video. Just use de tags

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