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Meet 'Hikari' Softbank Team Japan's AC Class Boat (Video)

Categories // Americas Cup

Meet 'Hikari' Softbank Team Japan's AC Class Boat (Video)

Ay buh!

Ya ever played tourist a day or two in Berm? You know checking out de new exhibits, learning a few more things you never knew about de island... Well, that's kinda how it felt visiting the Softbank Team Japan base in Dockyard - and not inna bad way either.

For de first time de team was able to experience authentic japenese traditions first hand wifout'een having to travel 12,000 kilometers. Guys can't describe de day as nothing less than beautiful, even wif Bermy's bipolar weather that couldnt decide wether she gon be a hurrican or beach weather. SMH buh! 

We were dea covering the reveal of Softbank Team Japan first boat entry to de America's Cup in 15 years, we were introduced to a ceremonial “masu” (a traditional measuring cup made of Cyprus to serve sake) and Hakkaisan Sake which eventually christened de bow of Hikari.

Hikari, meaning “flash of light" was also blessed by Shinto Priest Kai Guji, who travelled from Kagoshima, Japan for the naming, performed a Japanese Oharai purification ceremony for de new boat using special talismans collected from several different Shinto shrines to bless the sailors, the yacht, and the weather.

it was a very speial vibe and we def loved experiencing this. Check de vibes from de day!

SoftBank Team Japan Launch

Ay buh! For de first time, we lot saw a Japanese Oharai purification ceremony by Shinto Priest Kai Guji, who travelled to #Bermy all de way from Kagoshima, Japan. Check de vibes from SoftBank Team Japan launch. #Bermuda America's Cup Bermuda

Posted by Bermuda Memes on Tuesday, February 28, 2017