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Meet Scratcher

Categories // Community & kulcha

Meet Scratcher

This is Scratcher.
He is a local farmer
He sells his produce at Barnes Corner.

We had this discussion last year… and unfortunately, we’re mentioning it again…

When we stopped at his stand this morning, he was all smiles. We asked how his gardens had fared in the storm. He said he lost everything. All his plants were burnt from the salt in the wind and rain.
He will start over.
“Will we have fresh vegetables on the Christmas table this year? “
He smiled… “Probably not.”

If you are going by a local produce stand, please stop and SUPPORT THEM ! These guys work long and hard hours, and the payback is not easy. In the first hour of Nicole most crops were wiped out. There is an abundance of bananas as the trees have been slaughtered - the fruit spilling onto the fields. They are going cheap. So buy a lot and take them home for banana bread etc.

Keep our Local Farms going. Even more than ever, they need your support!

- Byway Tours Bermuda