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"Racing Roy" Ah interview wif 2-time Olympian Roy-Allan Burch

Categories // Community & kulcha

Ay buh!

As de 2016 Olympics in Rio are just days away from de opening ceremony, we biez were blessed enough to link up 2-time Bermudian Olympian and Bermuda ambassador Roy-Allan Burch.

Only home for a weeks, we caunt'een begin to tell you how excited (and nervous) we lot wur to meet him. Bermy may have ah few local celebrities - some more shine than others - but wit Roy, we think our excitement came from de basis of joy, pride and inspiration. 

As many may know Roy took a blow wif an injury about a year ago, and could've eeeeezlee been like "fack dis buh! im done!" but he didn't - he dug deep and came back even stronger.  Probably told you nuff times that day, but ay Roy, if ya reading this, wha prod of you bie! True Champion

Oh and ya, Check de video