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Real Bermy Weatherman Frankie Gets Youtube Silver Button (Video)

Categories // Entertainment

Real Bermy Weatherman Frankie Gets Youtube Silver Button (Video)

Ay buh!

So ova de weekend guys caught vind ov a lil good news from CBC News out dea in Canada. Seems like Bermy bredrin Frankie MacDonald got himself a silver Button from Youttube. Ya ya ya... we biez know you older lots like, "Vell... wha's so big bout a silver button?" A youtube Silver button goes out to de rare few social media stars that can even make it to that limit. A Youtube Silver button gets sentto Youtube users that gain a 100,000 subscribers to their youtube channel - thats like de whole of Berm plus a few cousins cross de pond don! Not an easy feat, but wha happy fa ya boy!.

Some may'een wonder "Whooze Frankie don?! And why ya boy making Bermy news?!" Well... outside of de chatter from de *cough cough* new weatherman guys got pon news, Frankie MacDonald is an amateur weatherman out in Nova Scotia that's been keeping Bermy prepared ahead of de hurricanes for de last few years. In fact, most Bermudians prolly dun'een take a storm sers until they see Frankie's forecast!

Anyway, congrats bie! Hopefully one day you'll leedee snow storms and come get a suntan!