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Safe Clafe: “TURN ON DE LIGHTS!” A Hurricane Poem

Categories // Safe Clafe

By @SafeClafe Safe Clafe: “TURN ON DE LIGHTS!” A Hurricane Poem

When de power vas out,

errybody was bored
So we drank all de rum
an passed out pon de floor.

De candles were burnin
humidity high,
Guyz started to sweat
(and yah…een some of us cried)

Cussing at Balco
Fack Men! Come turn on de lights
We caunt een boil water
We caunt een cook rice

De freezer was melting,
de hamburger spoiled,
guyz had to light fires
for de water to boil

We made off at Balco
our energy spent,
wer’neen their fault
we just needed to vent.

Our bredrens were stankin
for lack of a shower,
so guyz just kept drinkin
and waitin for power.

Guyz tried pulla mission
Is Ice Queen still closed?
Guyz wanted a greeze,
But all we had vas ah lactric stove

Cussing at Balco
Fack men come turn on de lights
My boy stank out de baffroom
Now we all wanna fight

Blocking our noses, bredrens, be SAFE
(and we mean that both ways)
Ah hurricane is hurr
in a matter of dayz…