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Shiona Turini Among Beyonce’s Lemonade’ Stylists

Categories // Fashion & style

Shiona Turini Among Beyonce’s Lemonade’ Stylists

Usually when you hear a Bermudian say “jetlife” or use it probably in reference to constant ATL or NYC shopping trips, but when you hear it from Shiona Turini, you better believe it. From Paris for fashion week (or was it Moscow?) to Amsterdam with Pharrel, Coachella, or even the recent cover of Shiona in Mexico, we can only imagine when her skymiles stay looking like!

Anyhoo, remember around Superbowl when everyone started putting hot sauce in their purse because they were getting in formation with Bey? Well. Aunty Shi surprised Bermuda by reaching a height a few of us dream of, and that’s working alongside the Queen B herself. Seems like the Queen was impressed with her “ganzee” as Shiona standing beside the Lemonade album stylists.

We're surw we don’t have to discuss anything about Beyonce, Jay- Z or hot sauce this week to bring you up to date because, well Bey-talk is practically everywhere. We just wanted to let you know that our own Bermudian ambassador is still slaying behind the scenes. Only thing we’d probably suggest for you is to follow her on snapchat, cuz lordt knows she is the Queen of jet lag survival - well... in our eyes.

Keep pushing through Aunty Shi!

You can check out her and the other stylists here

Photo: HBO