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Shiona Turini Brings Bergdorf Goodman to Bermuda (Video)

Categories // Fashion & style

Shiona Turini Brings Bergdorf Goodman to Bermuda (Video)

Ay buh!

Aunty Shi Shi (Shiona Turini) still going hard for Bermuda on the international stage... and does it with style. Inviting de team from Bergdorf Goodman Magazine - a luxury retail brand founded in 1899 by Herman Bergdorf - Shiona gave dem a first hand tour of her fav spots on de rock

"So excited to see my country Bermuda in one of my fave books for Bergdorf Goodman. Not only that, shout out to my GodDaughter Ky Sacha Butterfield and my baby girl cousins for being models in such a beautiful story! A very special thank you to the team at Bergdorfs for including such a personal interview - one of my faves to date. I will always ride for my country and promote my culture." - Shiona T

Anyways, check de video!