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Slideshow: We Are Bermuda Mural

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi Slideshow: We Are Bermuda Mural

As I write this I am still trying to find the words to describe this past weekend and from where I am standing the feeling is unbelievably beautiful. This past weekend will be unforgettable and I thank everyone who joined in for that.

I had been working on this artistic concept for BERMEMES for about 2 months before approaching Tiago ofChewstick’s Community Art Program and then further on Schereene at CellOne and Kamilah from Sweet Saak Bakery. We worked tirelessly to make this “ding” come to life and to see it happen is like sitting on a cloud. In 48 hours (and some) we erected a 30ft+ Bermudian mural – the first of its kind. While we created the outline on Friday night, we had party goers, locals and tourist stopping by to join in or just flex with us. We had cars holding up traffic to either take a quick pic with their phones, ask about it or sometimes even shouting out Bermy Vurds to add – it was amazing. What made it so beautiful to me is that we had all these different races, colours and ages with people of different countries or parishes creating something that was just as vibrant and colourful as the pastel paints we used to the smiles and laughter that I saw. I can swear to all of you lot on my life at times it felt as if the world stood still looking around and seeing all this love and happiness. The world stood still hearing peoples different life stories, seeing kids running up and down or asking can they add a Gombey face or colour this – it was a beautiful thing; it is a beautiful thing.

I hope when you’re stuck in traffic (or not), you take a look and see just as much beauty in the painting as I did that day. I love all of you lot. Thank you for making this happen.