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St George's Fans Prank Premier

Categories // Cup Match, Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi St George's Fans Prank Premier

So appurtently we have some St Jawjuss fans runnin rampant rahn de island carrying right on.  Today, proud Somerset fan Hon.Premier Michael Dunkley wurrnt axpectin his office to be vandalised by St Georges colors leaving Premier Dunkley and we quote "feeling sick"as he takes the pain of seeing his office devastated with eyesore decor.

Having tried contact Media Correspondent of BPS Dwayne SugarCaines, but was unavailable to comment leaving us Somerset fans to warn the rest of the red and blue bunch to hide yo kids, hide yo wife because dem St georges fans are colouing errding  knowing dey ank taking de cup.

Hearts go out to Dunkley and we hope you have some Pepto Bismal to help you shru de day!

ay buh take a chill pill.. dis hurr is satire