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Talking Rum wif Malcolm Goslings Jr.

Categories // Community & kulcha

Talking Rum wif Malcolm Goslings Jr.

Ay Buh

Wha's a better Fridee post than a Fridee post dat involves ah lil rum? 

A  Bermudian drink thats a staple in nearly erry Bermudian home and used for many diff dings from drinking to food, food seaznin, to drinking.... We guys got de opportunity to talk to one of de Goslings who gave us a rundown of almost erryding involving de Black Seal. Cheggit!

Catchin Up wif Malcolm Gosling Jr.

Aye bah...Happy fridee! Wha already started happy hour! We got to talk to Malcolm Gosling Jr. bout erryding das happenin wiff de Seal. Check it! Goslings Rum Gosling's Limited Goslings Sport

Posted by Bermuda Memes on Friday, May 26, 2017

oh and ya.... hurr's ah extra lil taste for you!