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Thifty Thursdee wif Milah

Categories // Fashion & style

Thifty Thursdee wif Milah

"I don't do fashion. I am fashion." — Coco Chanel

 Good Friday. Bermuda Day. Carnival Weekend. Cup Match. Friday night. Saturday night. Football games. All of these holidays and occasions bring about a question heard so very often.

"What ya wearin?"

 We have all heard this before. 

Whenever there's an event happening, or a holiday approaching, or simply a 'big' football game, this question is kind of a big deal.


See, in Bermuda, clothes shopping is very limited. Don't believe me?? Just go to Washington Mall, Court St and Front St and get back to me.

 cu match 2013

Most Bermudians tend to take shopping trips or we just order online. A LOT. But sometimes that isn't always possible. You may not have the funds or sometimes you don't have enough time to order anything. There may be that sneaky event that just pops up and you're like, "Nooo bie!! But what am I gonna wear? Um gots to go to dat show bah."  So in true Bermudian fashion, you have to get something new. It's the Bermudian thing to do.

 Lepoard London

We Bermudians love a new 'press' and we love when it's exclusive. Exclusive meaning, you went to Jamaica Ave and went shopping and no one has that hawttt romper you wore Good Friday or those J's you had on 24th of May. So what happens when you can't go NY or your order from Nasty Gal isn't going to come in time??  No need to fret. There's a way you can rock something that no one has and save some money. But you have to step outside the box and don't watch what anyone else thinks. It's called thrifting. Yes. Thrifting ace gurl. Oh and you too ace boy.


Thrifting is when a person goes shopping at thrift stores, vintage stores, charity stores and yard/rummage sales. You normally get great bargains.


Check out the list I've put together below.

  1. The Barn - 53 Devon Spring Rd, Bermuda, +1 441-236-3155
  2. The Upstairs Closet (Bermuda Red Cross) - Branch Headquarters, 9 Berry Hill Road, Paget | +1 441-236-3836 | Facebook
  3. The Salvation Army Thrift Store-44 King Street, Hamilton, Pembroke, +1 441 292-8107
  4. Orange Bay -  Magnolia Place, 45 Victoria Street, City of Hamilton HM 12 | +1 441 295 5400
  5. Emoo | Facebook

  6. Facebook - Various groups on Facebook have secondhand items for sale.

  7. House/Yard sales - You can look on Emoo and the newspaper for house/yard sale listings.

These places I have listed, are where you can get if not your whole outfit, you can get a key piece or two. I myself loveee to thrift and highly recommend it. You save money, donate to charity (the first 3 on the list) and find yourself a unique outfit. You can't go wrong.


Here's what you do.


  1. Look in your wardrobe to see what items you need to buy.

  2. Take an ace gurl or bredren who has a good eye for fashion and an open mind.

  3. Find out the opening hours of the places you intend on hitting up.

  4. Decide when you are going and go early!! Bring your own bags as well.

  5. Ladies, wear leggings as this makes it easier to try items on.

  6. Take a snack and some water. Thrifting is not a 15 min errand.

  7. Have an idea of what type of outfit you're trying to put together.

  8. Have an open mind and be patient!!

  9. Have tissues handy as sometimes there are items that smell musty and will irritate those sinuses.

  10. Lastly...don't be too proud to buy second hand clothing. You can match old and new pieces and still have a wicked press.

  11. Bonus tip* Take inventory of what's in your wardrobe. There may be some items that you can make quick alterations too. A few cuts, stitching etc and bang, you have a new item of clothing.

Milah R.