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Turn Ya Internet Into Bermewjan

Categories // Community & kulcha

Turn Ya Internet Into Bermewjan

Ay buh!
So fa de las few weeks, guyz been working on de low on someding we think is special. Linking of wif ah bredrin Amaury from longtime, just chopsin you know and ya boy was talking bout a criss idea to collaborate on.

Nawh you know we biez have de Bermy Vurds on hurr that many can use as a reference or to even learn some new gen Bermudian vurds. But wha if you ca turn nearly erry website in “Bermewjan?” Well nawh you can!

Building an extension fa de Google Chrome Browser, you ca kinda say de new add-on is like a very a basic Bermudian version of Google translate…. And makes de internet a lot more entertaining.

Jus rememba dis de first version, so youll see updates as time goes on and even some more boasty concepts. We biez just wanted to come up wif our own type of method to share / preserve a piece of our culture in a modern way.

Anyvay buh… go check de ding and have some fun

Click dis hurr to get de ding don