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We Gon Make it - Q the Architect [VIDEO]

Categories // Entertainment

We Gon Make it - Q the Architect [VIDEO]

Ay buh!


You may rememba de bredrin from earlier this year wif a powerful short film drop that took Bermudians for a ride. “Life of a Soldier” gave guys chills as Q the Architect took on violence in Bermuda and more importantly- the rise of gun crime. With dis newest release, Q the Architect Waves haven’t calmed down as he drops a newy called “We Gon Make it.”


We sent de link to de team,  for their first impression - "From out of the shadows, the light is cast on a visually and lyrically authentic experience," says Qianemon, after he peeped Q's new drop.  And no lie dun, she's pretty impressive.


The video itself  was shot in Peterborough, England while the track was edited locally by Bermudian The Master Kei. Wif Q's distinctive rhyme style and direction it is not unknown that Bermy’s talent pool is on de rise.


We caught up wif Q shru de social linkage. Hurrs what he had to say:


BM: So wha inspired this?

Q: [The video was] Basically my introduction to the world. A lot of my previous projects are directed towards Bermuda. This project was for everyone out here;now that I'm in England, to understand where I'm from and where I'm trying to go. With my new slogan triangle bandits, I’m summarizing that even though we're from a small place- we're here to take what we deserve..

A man wif a goal. We like that! Check de vid. Tells us what you think!