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Wha's Ya Fovourite Bermudian Sound?

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi Wha's Ya Fovourite Bermudian Sound?

Ay buh, ahknow bout you lot but wunnnadedings about Berms dat makes me miss it (vheneva um ackshly off de rock) is def de sahnds of Bermuda. You lot know wha I mean? Um talking bout de shouts of “Ay bye!” in de town tryna hail up ya bredrins like you ank seen him 2 days ago. Um talking about dem ZBM interviews err’night whurr you hurr de reporter interviewing some bye on de road and you hurr nuffin but um-um,” in between sentences or “you know?” at de end of each statement. Sahnds like ya mama gossipin vif wunna ha friends and all you hurr is “Auungh i know,” “eh ehnn,” “mm mm,” or “stop yaa noise, ya not serious! Dass who she goes vif?!” or dats “so and so’s bye?” Wha about de tree frogs dat doneen let foreigners sleep, and dem pesky kiskadees and feral roosters dat wake you up before ya portuguese neighbor on de weekend. And if ya close nuff, you ca hurr de waves pon souf shurr or some bye dat’s gas happy ringin out de gears on his RX, DT, or V on de stretch….

She’s a lotta dings to love dahn hurr on de rock, but newayz

What’s ya favorite Bermudian Sound?