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Why I'll always #LovemyBermuda [Video]

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By @Flowbewankenobi Why I'll always #LovemyBermuda [Video]

Why I #LovemyBermuda

If you’ve ever heard or read somewhere that Bermudians are the friendliest people in the world, believe it. I know writing this I may get some raised eyebrows, but there’s one thing it’ll never get, and that’s denial.  Over the past decade we’ve all seen some sort of struggle. It’s been a tough time on the rock. In fact, it’s tough everywhere. We’ve seen friends and families lost. We’ve seen friends and family move abroad. We’ve had numerous of storms rush to our shores, and in some case rush our minds - metaphorically speaking - and with all that we still stand strong. We still smile, and we still give light to others. We carry ourselves in the respected way we were taught the way we were sculpted by our fathers, mothers, grandparents, school teachers and even strangers we sat across from on the pink and blue. In some way, some Bermudian in some point have time has showed you love were you thought there was none. At some point a Bermudian made you smile, gave help when you were lost and needed direction – even if you aren’t a tourist – a Bermudian is there.

 I remember when I was in Primary school; I was maybe 7 or 8 years old. I had to meet my parent’s one afternoon afterschool, but I was unfamiliar with the area and found myself lost. Picture a small boy, with his huge backpack and handheld lunchbox standing around at the main road, hoping someone I knew drove by or my parents found me. One hour passed, two, maybe close to three, until a car rolled up alongside. There was an older lady inside. She asks about me, why I’m there, and where did I need to go. She gave me a lift to her home, called my parents and even fed me a warm meal. She didn’t have to. She could’ve just left me roadside, but she wanted to, it was in her nature.  You see, as tough as it may seem, and as hard as it may be to accept with the ever growing troubles on the rock, Bermudian have and WILL always have the capacity to love. That basic principle of human compassion is built within us, and we have no problem letting the world see our light

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With that being said, we’d like to nominate @mdunkleybda, @theoriginalcarlazuill, @hurricaines, @bermudaxnative, @chewstickfoundation, @kassiecaines, @ayoitsla, @vaonlinetv, @bermunchie to create their own vid and tell us ya reasons to #lovemybermuda.

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