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You gotta jus love us Bermudians | Happy #BermudaDay

Categories // Memes

By @Flowbewankenobi You gotta jus love us Bermudians | Happy #BermudaDay

Ay buh,

By dis time ya prolly gone shru haff a 6 pack of green backs, shree quartahs of de swizzle you made and prolly een drank a lil of moms breezer but anyway if you ca read dis vifout squintin then Happy Bermuda Day to you. Today is de which official begins summer fa most Bermudians but you know those dem other lot that try make you go skinny dippin in like mid march like de water aink gon give you blue balls…. literally. and if shes still cold just go with it buh – someone has to break de ice, een if it ank us. Plus I needa get new armbands fa NonMariners anyway (BERMP)

This year will be my 5th year embracing de Bermy flag in parade in front of thousand, and i fackin love it. But before i get into alla dat durr I gotta give pure props to all de majorettes, gombeys, and drummers who have been dancing in de parade for hours for yurrrrrrrs buh because one thing you lot dunno sitting on de side watching, shes tiring and hot as fox! Een tho shes hot arry yurr shes worth doing it – know why?

because you see de whole island smiling.

Tourists take pics and join in wining vif some Bermudian or they get dragged out in de parade pon soca float. Grenny whipped up a full greeze and shes happy to have the family together. Moms and Deddy get hott enjoying de day off and de children drop skanks carelessly when they hear that gombey beat. It’s one day whurr nothing else matters but de love for people that surround you an like i said

I just love seeing you all smile

Happy Bermuda Day to you byes, Check you lot in de parade