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Bermunchie: Black Rum Burgers

Categories // Bermunchies

By @Eliizzyv Bermunchie: Black Rum Burgers

Summer is for grilling and what better way to fire up the BBQ than with these Black Rum Burgers!

I was inspired by one of my favourite Bermudian cook books one day as I flicked through the pages.  Every recipe featured included Goslings Black Seal Rum as an ingredient, and I thought..... how could I incorporate Bermuda’s favourite drink into something everyone likes to eat? So I came up with my own recipe for Black Rum Burgers topped with Drunken Peppers and Onions.

For the pepper and onion mixture you will need:


1 bell pepper (any colour you wish)

1 large red or white onion

2 garlic cloves chopped

2 oz of Goslings Black Seal Rum

Salt & pepper (to taste)




  1. Cut onions peppers into julienne slices and add to oiled sauté pan on medium low heat
  2. Add diced bell peppers, garlic and salt & pepper. Sauté mixture slowly until onions and peppers have become soft and translucent. (takes about 15-20 mins)



3. Turn the heat up and add rum and cook until alcohol burns off for about 5 mins. At this point onions should be caramelized.

4. Set aside.

In addition to the drunken peppers and onions, I coupled my black rum burgers with my home made tomato jam. With all of these bold flavours I decided to keep the burger patty simple by using a few flavours to enhance the meat.


For my Black Rum Burgers you will need:

1 lb of ground beef. (feel free to use turkey for a healthier option)

Tsp of minced garlic

Seasoning salt

Black pepper

2 oz Gosings Black Seal Rum

Burger rolls

Toppings if desired (cheese, lettuce, tomato etc)



  1. Mix ground beef, garlic, salt, pepper and rum together in a bowl. Form into patties. Should make about 4 good sized burgers.
  2. Place patties covered in fridge for 15-20 mins to allow flavours to meld.
  3. Pan fry or grill burgers until preferred doneness is achieved. Personally I like mine medium well.
  4. While burgers are cooking toast your buttered burger buns until lightly golden.
  5. Assemble your burgers!



I chose not to dress my burger with a lot of additional condiments as the tomato jam and drunken peppers and onions had so much flavour that it carried the burger on its own. I did decide to add a little white cheddar cheese because let’s face it, everything is better with a little cheese!! Let us know if out r this recipe! Tag us with #bermunchies on Twitter and IG! I’d love to see your creations J