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Bermunchies: Jammin' with Muse

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By @Eliizzyv Bermunchies: Jammin' with Muse

Picture this; you’re sitting at the head of the table, listening, and observing quietly while your group of friends swap random stories of the week. Bob Marley’s “Is this love”  can be heard playing in the background setting the easy vibez of the night. Your waitress, she is dressed in a vibrant orange wrap skirt and top. Her neck laced comfortably with seashells and and gently sits fresh sorrell at your right hand. This was only just the beginning.

If your plate was a playground and  flavor was the fun, Chef Enworth Davis definitely created a plethora of fun with the the dishes of Muse Skybar’s Jamaican night.  Recently the transcendental  front street restaurant have been introducing various ethnicities with themed evenings focusing on their cuisine. Though Muse can be actively known to accommodate local executives of big businesses surrounding them, I had the privilege of attending my first evening which unquestionably resulted in me  falling in love with the indigenous cuisine of Ethiopia. It was the first time I had ever tasted authentic Ethiopian and I enjoyed my exposure to a new culture. With me taking home a plate then, I just knew I would be first in line for the next night!

When hearing through the grapevine that Muse would be hosting another ethnic evening, I didn’t even hesitate about making my reservations! With a table reserved for nine (yes, nine), the cuisine of choice was Jamaican and we already knew that only an awesome night will follow.

Now let’s get to the the good stuff: the food.

Now, I am pretty certain that most Bermudians have had their exchange of Jamaican food at one point in time. Whether it be a beef patty and coco bread from Jamaican grill or curry goat,  Bermuda’s locals are all too familiar with the intricate colors and textures that Jamaica  has to offer.


20140809 184055

The Sorrel

We started our night off with a glass of Sorrel, the  popular Christmas time drink which is made from the sepals of the Roselle Flower. Apparently the drink is pro-health and contains many nutrients that is high in Vitamin C. With hint of hibiscus, the taste was refreshing and gave great hopes for what was coming…

While beverages may have been served to you, your choice of food was laid out buffet-style. At first glance, there were the standard Jamaican dishes that we all love: mini beef patties, curry or jerk chicken, fried plantains, ackee and saltfish etc etc… but there were some dishes that Chef davis formed which really stood out for me… and still make mymouth water writing this.


Pumpkin Pepper Pot Soup

Flavor, flavor and more flavor! Reminding of my grandmothers pumpkin soup, it was enjoyable to experience a different take on it

Jerk Pork

The jerk pork was out of this world!  It had the perfect blend of jerk seasonings which gave the meat a tasty crust with a juicy interior. Another side that added to this was the potato salad. You had the kick of the jerk pork but the coolness of the potato salad in each bite – so good!

Dumpling (festivals)

Again, another first. These pillows of doughy deliciousness were so addictive – crisp on the outside, but fluffy and light at the same time. Mmmmmm! This was one, if not my absolute favourite side of the evening – I will definitely, absolutely have to attempt to recreate these in my own kitchen. You think Chef davis will slip us the recipe?

Other dishes included steamed, Callaloo, brown stew fish, oxtail and coconut rice and peas, pepper shrimp, potato salad, and more!

20140809 212027

As the night started to wind down, the transaction of conversation became quieter. Filled with a smorgasbord of Jamaican food, we sat their concluding the evening with Blue mountain coffee, but it appeared that Chef Davis had one more ace up his sleeve.  Approaching our table with Coconuts, we finished the night off savoring fresh coconut water right out of a coconut! I’ve always wanted to drink coconut water in its purest form so you can only imagine my excitement I think that was every diners highlight of that evening.
So, how would I describe Bermunchies experience at Muse’s Jamaica night? Enriching, eventful and enjoyable. Not only was the service and staff great throughout the night, but also the setting. The ambiance of feeling irie while engaging other Jamaican natives eating beside us was incredible. I can only look forward to what is in store from Muse next time.

You can find out more about Muse Skybar and their events here.